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About Atkins and Stang Inc.
Atkins & Stang Inc. was formed in 1984 initially concentrating on service work and small commercial tenant remodel and build outs. Achieving success in this area, we started acquiring the tools and equipment necessary to grow the business into other markets. Our humble beginnings has given us a sincere appreciation for each of our customers’ projects. We truly understand the importance of each capital investment and the desire to obtain the best value for the dollar.  
Atkins & Stang Inc. has grown through hard work and has a solid reputation for providing quality electrical installations. We have a 28,000 square foot office warehouse centrally located to assist in servicing all clients. We believe in maintaining the necessary inventory, tools and equipment required for a professional electrical installation and prompt customer service. We own an impressive fleet of service trucks, bucket and line trucks, dump trucks, and excavation equipment. The equipment and all necessary tooling is kept in excellent working condition and down time is kept to a minimum by full time on staff mechanic. This commitment increases overall productivity, job satisfaction and pride in their work while delivering savings & potential down time to a minimum to customers.

  Atkins & Stang Inc. has the ability and track record to successfully complete electrical projects up to $5,000,000. We pride ourselves with the ability to retain personnel by offering a competitive wage and benefits package. We have a long track record working in occupied facilities and always attempt to minimize any potential disturbances to the customers’ workplace and maintain a high standard for the work that is performed.

Atkins & Stang Inc. invests in personnel by providing excellent training through the Independent Electrical Contractors apprenticeship program. This is a federally approved four year training program. This includes continual education classes..

Atkins & Stang Inc. is commitment to safety which includes pre-employment instruction, 10 hours of OSHA awareness training and 30 hours of ongoing training. We participate in the Drug Free Workplace, Allied Construction Industries safety committee, Tri-State Dialogue and have received the Grand Achievement Award from IEC National Safety Program. All of these efforts strive towards keeping the workplace safe and reducing the exposure to harm for everyone associated with their projects.

Atkins & Stang Inc. also offers selective tele/communications services as well. 

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity of becoming your first choice in quality, Electrical and Telecommunication needs.