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Atkins and Stang Inc.
1031 Meta Dr. 
Cincinnati, OH  45237

ph. 513-242-8300
fx.  513-482-7054
To pay your invoice, please use the 'BUY NOW' button in the top left corner of the page. Please be aware that ANY SINGLE INVOICE AMOUNT OVER $2,499.99 WILL BE SUBJECT TO A 2.9% FEE for the amount over $2,499.99. We are charged this fee by PayPal and must recoup our expense. PLEASE ADD 2.9% TO THE TOTAL AMOUNT OVER $2,499.99. For example, if your invoice is $3,500 you will owe an additional 2.9% of $1,000.01 or $29.00. We absorb the 2.9% cost up to $2,499.99. BY USING THE PAYMENT PROCESS YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS.  Thank you.